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You can't outresearch the sportsbooks. Make smarter bets with real-time data from the sharpest sportsbooks around the world.

Simple, Data-Driven Intelligence To Make Better Bets

Americans lost $11 billion to sports betting in 2023 — Probly® wants to save you $1 billion of that.

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    Browse By Sport or League

    Get right to the bets you want while our live databases focus on the data you need.

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    Filter by Profitability, Probability, And Your Preferred Sportsbooks

    Use Probly's top-of-market data to find the bets you want to take — while using our proprietary mathematical profitability model to inform your picks.

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    Bet With Confidence (And A Higher Return On Investment)

    See all the key information you need to place a bet with confidence, simply and cleanly laid out.

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"I've had a 200% ROI on sports betting for the first time ever since using Probly."
- Jason, Probly's First Sign-Up

Why Join Probly?

We built the best possible product because if you win, we win.

  • Best ROI In the business

    12-20% ROI per Sport

    Our underlying data boasts a 12-20% return on investment per sport for all bets combined, helping you find mathematically profitable bets.

  • Real-Time Market Data

    We calculate probability and expected profitability data from the sharpest sportsbooks around the world, updated in real-time.

  • Advanced Filtering

    Filter by probability, sportsbook, and expected profitability — win your way while leveraging market data.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Our platform combines the power of the most advanced tools in the industry with a simple, intuitive user interface — at 1/10th of the cost.

  • Take It On The Go

    Mobile-Forward Approach

    Probly works on desktop but it's meant to be mobile. Get in good bets from a game, a bar, or even the toilet.

  • Domain Expertise

    Unlike "data research" of stats that sportsbooks algorithmically account for, Probly automates methods that top bettors use to win big.

Choose Your Plan

Upgrade to Probly+ to find the winning bets you want.

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  • Probly+

    See all pre-game PROBLY Score data and access all advanced filters, with a 7-day free trial.
  • Probly+ Live

    Get LIVE in-game data, all PROBLY Scores, advanced filters, and premium features, with a 7-day free trial.

See Probly in Action

Watch our demo video to learn more about how Probly can help you make better bets.

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